If Man Didn't Make You, Man Cannot Break You.


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Words of Amaechi
The Words of Amaechi

THESE ARE THE WORDS OF AMAECHI There is knowledge and power in truth. You can be confident and meek at… Read More

A Tale Like No Other

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imperfect me
Imperfect Me

Imperfect Me Hello, I am weak I am quick to judge others But am always excusing myself for my faults… Read More

Amaechi Ilo
Amaechi Ilo

I am a cynical idealist; an avid conversationist; a sapiosexual; a romantic and a believer in humanity.

I subconsciously resist popular doctrines because I have a strong conviction that people are blindly following a bandwagon.

I hope to someday, inspire an example that many can look up to with conviction and purpose.